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Export Tables with and without Data

Posted on January 13th 2012 3:38pm Friday, by Blaine

Mysqldump does not export tables with data and without data at the same time. It does however support exporting the two sets of data separately.

SQL Reference ID Naming

Posted on July 28th 2011 3:51am Thursday, by Blaine

Readable code is important when you are working with others. If you plan to work with others on projects it is good to learn the appropriate way to do things. In some cases there are many appropriate ways to do one thing but it also important to consider the readability. For instance, some people write […]

Dojo.xhr form submit button value

Posted on June 24th 2011 12:42am Friday, by Blaine

When using the dojo.xhr methods to submit a form the values of the submit button are not sent with the the other parameters. Here is how to fix that…

How to Freelance for a Living

Posted on May 22nd 2011 11:37am Sunday, by Blaine

Experience + Skill + Location = Worth
Freelancing has many perks such as choosing your vacation days, working the hours you want, and you get paid what you want. It also has its downsides such as money flow, lack of social interaction, and finding motivation to work from home. This article is going to talk about how to work as a freelance developer for a living.

Utah Metal Works

Posted on February 9th 2011 11:34am Wednesday, by Blaine

Todd Anderson designed a stunning website. I used CSS sprites to keep the size of the site down and fast loading. While a lot of the text is in a graphic, CSS and HTML is hiding the text so it is still very accessible and SEO friendly. The site has a control panel to update […]

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