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Strangers Diary

Posted on May 27th 2010 12:45pm Thursday, by Blaine

Strangers Diary is not one persons diary, anyone can write in their own entries. It is not just about “the funniest” life stories, it can be about anything. You become addicted to reading a perfect stranger’s diary in just moments. I am glad I gave people a platform for their thoughts so they can get them off their chest. Good or bad- I think people will feel better knowing that some one out there knows and they are not alone.

Dojo Fishtank

Posted on May 29th 2008 11:54am Thursday, by Blaine

The Dojo Fishtank was made to show how easy it is to make animations with Dojo. Only a few timers and functions where used. dojo.fx.slideTo, dojo.fadeOut are the two Dojo animations used. Graphics done by nikolaionken, a friend in the Dojo irc channel.

Savage Lands

Posted on February 22nd 2008 2:59am Friday, by Blaine

Savage Lands is a web based game I started to learn php with. As I continue to work on Savage Lands I strive to challenge myself by using new technology available.

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