Below is an overview of all the downloads and source code on the page.

Bender Contact Form – A PHP Contact Form

Bender is a simple PHP contact form class that helps you create a form that sends an email. It supports input boxes, dropdowns, check boxes, radio boxes, and files. It also has a simple captcha or akismet for security.

Bender is part of the Easy Website File Structure Generator and can be downloaded with or without the template system. The contact.php page is a great starting point as it demonstrates proper use of bender.

Savage Lands Source Code – A PHP RPG Game

Savage Lands is a web based RPG game developed in PHP. This is v0.2 and includes many bugs from my learning stage. I will not be releasing any further version of this source code until I finish Savage Lands completely at which point the source code up to v0.3 to v0.7 may be released. I do not wish for competition on my own game however I want to give back to the developing community which helped me start my own game.

Virus – A C++ Game

Virus was developed by Michael Kramer, and Theron Johnson, and I. We developed this game as our final project for C++.

We did not complete the game because our teacher would not let us network the game, and Theron lacked motivation to finish the item database. The game has some awesome display control over the console window and a fanstatic class system to control areas and actions.

Balls – A Visual Basic Game

Balls is a very simple and entertaining game I created for fun in Visual Basic. You are the colorful ball and you try to dodge the purple and red ball for 60 seconds.

Controls: Arrow Keys. Enter to start and restart the game.

Critters – A Java Game

Critters is an attempt a a 2D Java Game. Kind of like Tamagachi, but with mutliple critters. The source is named tamagachi because at first that is what it was going to be but it morphed into Critters. You may have to minimize then maximize the window to get the game to display properly.

How to play: Drag a new critter into the white space and name it. Drag the items to your critters to feed, entertain, and wash them! Don’t let them die!


ExoFusion and Gamers Fusion

Download the long lost ExoFusion (The base of Savage Lands and Gamers Fusion) and Gamers Fusion (a slightly updated version of exofusion). These two games where developed by others. Also included is my mod of Gamers Fusion which includes a working login, new forums, and a mail system developed by me.