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Utah Metal Works

Posted on February 9th 2011 11:34am Wednesday, by Blaine

Todd Anderson designed a stunning website. I used CSS sprites to keep the size of the site down and fast loading. While a lot of the text is in a graphic, CSS and HTML is hiding the text so it is still very accessible and SEO friendly. The site has a control panel to update […]

Strangers Diary

Posted on May 27th 2010 12:45pm Thursday, by Blaine

Strangers Diary is not one persons diary, anyone can write in their own entries. It is not just about “the funniest” life stories, it can be about anything. You become addicted to reading a perfect stranger’s diary in just moments. I am glad I gave people a platform for their thoughts so they can get them off their chest. Good or bad- I think people will feel better knowing that some one out there knows and they are not alone.

Massage Table Outlet

Posted on May 7th 2010 1:31am Friday, by Blaine

Massage Table Outlet is a Magento E-Commerce Cart. I did the template work meaning CSS and HTML. I also did something else that is very special. I made a custom module for this cart that interfaces with Shopatron. Michael Kramer aided in this process as this was my first module in Magento. Thank you Kramer. […]

Limb Jewelers

Posted on November 12th 2009 9:29pm Thursday, by Blaine

Limb Jewelers was the easiest website I have cutup in while. This website has taken around 10 hours to complete. It is a very clean website. Brig Atwood did the design. Brig is a great designer and is really great at making fantastic looking templates that are relatively simple to cut up. I also made […]

Stevenson Pediatric Dentistry

Posted on November 12th 2009 9:07pm Thursday, by Blaine

There were a lot of complications with this website in dealing with the design. The client “Stevenson Pediatric Dentistry” wanted a beautiful design which in turn lead to Flash and PNG’s everywhere. Sadly I was not given the time needed to finish making it look decent in IE6 and with Flash Disabled. But it is […]

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