My career is not a chore, it’s a hobby that I love. I am passionate about learning new things, meeting new people, and sharing knowledge. I enjoy building solutions that are easy to use, scale with organizations, and have responsive designs. I am determined to find and fix issues that increase productivity, reduce hardware costs, and keep users engaged. Developers and designers enjoy working with me because of my attention to detail, efficient workflow, and the expertise I bring to projects. These things make my career a fantastic part of my life.


Software Engineer

Robin Sage

June 2014 - Present

Developing large scale Node.js CRM and CMS applications for a national school.

Senior Software Engineer

Alliance Health

May 2012 - June 2014

Lead developer of shipping software used by pharmacies across the country. The application reduced the time it took to package and ship an order by 50%.

Assisted in the planning and creation of a data warehouse for several types of databases. Created an intuitive and fast reporting system allowing employees to view hundreds of metrics on the state of the company.

Designed, developed, and maintained essential in-house applications to improve usability, speed, and reliability.

Independent Contractor

Blaine Ehrhart Web Developing & Consulting, LLC

December 2007 - Present

Large scale application development, website speed optimization, website cutups, magneto eCommerce setup, consulting on user interfaces, and hosting.

Senior Web Developer

Utah Web Services

March 2008 - October 2009

Planned, developed and maintained hundreds of websites, blogs and large e-commerce platforms. Trained several junior developers and designers on front end development and programming methodologies. Managed and monitored servers to insure top performance and uptime.


I have more than 8 years of experience in software development and have worked with hundreds of different technologies and methodologies. Because I enjoy finding the right solution for the job, I am always up for learning something new. Listed below is a tiny part of things I've worked with.

Skill Experience Years
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Expert 8+ years
Linux command line Proficient 4+ years
SEO Familiar 2+ years
C++, Java Novice 1 year
Other Popular Tech: CodeIgniter, ExtJS, Dojo, jQuery, Magento, Wordpress, SVN, Oracle, MSSQL, User Interfaces, HTML5, Bootstrap, APIs, Ubuntu
Most interested in learning: Laravel, NodeJS, Ruby, C#, Mongo, Document Databases